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Miracle March

1. March, 2012

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While some have thrown in the towel on the ski season this year,  don’t give up yet.  Miracle March has its name for a reason, and it started a day early.    Today I got out with my new Vokyl Pontoon powder skis and floated through waste deep untracked powder all morning long.  Unfortunately I had to cut out around noon, and even though I was regretting it the whole traverse back to 7800 it dawned on me–Kirkwood hasn’t opened chair 10(the wall) or the backside in TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!

Today alone we got over 24 inches and with more to come because  its still coming down.  Its on @ the wood this weekend.  Cancel anything that will keep you away from here because there is more on the way. The wall and backside haven’t been touched in over 40 inches of blow powder snow.


Come on down we will have open mic Friday along with live music Deep Fryed Mojo and plenty of freshies for everyone to ride.  Stop in the 7800 bar n grill  and get your $2 Draft along with Great FOOD cheaper than anywhere on the mountain and quality is never sacrificed.

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